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NME one of Britain’s most historic music publications and is the biggest standalone music site in the world. Since joining NME in 2013 the magazine has gone through two rebrands and my role as Digital Designer has been to update the brand across the digital platforms.

As digital designer for NME I have redesigned the desktop and mobile sites, designed the 'NME Daily iOS' app, created NME’s application on Spotify, refreshed the daily newsletter and many other interactive projects.


NME On Desktop

The main objective of redesigning the desktop site was to update the site with the new magazine branding and also to simplify and de-clutter the templates. This is the first time in over six years that the website has had any major redesign work so we had to think carefully about taking the site forwards but also make sure legacy content was still accessible and presentable.

Launch Site Launch Site

NME On Mobile

The redesign of the mobile site focused on getting content to the user, faster. Utilizing an infitnite scroll mixed content feed, the site sure the latest content is at your fingertips.

Colour coordinated labelling of content type was introduced to create visuals cues for even faster exploration. ‘Buy Tickets’ feature was also introduced which meant users can get tickets to see their favourite artists from a single tap on the homepage.

Launch Site Launch Site

The NME Daily App

NME Daily was created to serve the NME reader with mixed media everyday of the week. Posts include new music tracks, latest film/game trailers, new and upcoming bands and the latest in music news.

Get The App Get The App

An Interactive Guide To Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways

Just before the release of the Foo Fighters TV series and eighth studio album, NME interviewed the band about each city they visited during the making of the series/allbum combo.

We put together an interactive map to display these interviews

Launch Map Launch Map

NME On Spotify

We wanted to create a hub on Spotify for music enthusuasts to keep up to date with the latest music, latest reviews and collated playlists from NME.

The app, which can be used via the Spotify desktop application, is fully responsive and was the first project in utlizing the magazine rebrand into digital form.

Damon Albarn Interactive Map

To mark the release of Damon Albarn's debut solo album 'Everyday Robots' NME partnered up with Damon to showcase the making of the album and where it took him across the world.

We wanted to create a stand alone web application to create a fully immersive experience.

The map lets you explore the different locations where the songs were written, recorded and collaborated on. At each location Damon takes us through it's importance via video interviews.

Social Graphics

In order to digitally promote the weekly publication of the magazine we create various social images including updating Facebook & Twitter covers with the week's lead feature.

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